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Report on Identity management for lifelong learning

This report has just gone up on the e-learning blog so please click here to get to the blog post, which has a link through to the report and explains some of the context plus offers a chance to comment.  Following on after the Review of OpenID, it would be good to get folks’ comments on what they think.

As the post says:

The study was intended to describe current practices, envision future processes in identity management and explore identity management issues within the context of lifelong learning.

The study set out to detail the identity management lifecycle in a series of episodes within the educational journey of a lifelong learner, both in an ideal world and also as they are currently. It also looked at how far existing initiatives were meeting these requirements and to map the differences between the ideal world and what happens currently.

The use cases in the study were expected to cover provisioning of identity, maintenance of identity, deprovisioning of identity and provision of authenticated information about learners to other organisations.
The study was commissioned to aid understanding of the challenges facing the education sector in identity management for lifelong learning, and to support JISC in future planning in this area.