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First Post

As this is my first post I thought I’d say a bit about me so that anyone having a look at this blog at least knows what I do and the reason for the blog.

I am a programme manager in the e-Research Team, with primary responsibility for leading the development side of the identity and access management area, both within research and across JISC Innovation Group. I currently manage the e-Infrastructure Security topic under the e-Infrastructure programme. Finally, I am chair of the e-Framework working group and take a keen interest in software development methodologies and practices, which I am taking forward in the identity and access management area by reviewing how to map current projects into the e-Framework.

I’ve started up the blog for a few reasons. The first is that I keep my own personal blog but I haven’t had a work blog before (not too sure why as I’ve always worked in technology). The second is that I have kept on promising that I would start one up whilst at JISC so I’ve been waiting for the platform and then the time to put stuff onto a blog. Finally, and this is the most important one, I think it’s a useful way of sharing ideas, getting comments on the work that I do and, for those that subscribe, making announcements of funding that’s available and some of the reasons behind funding specific areas of work. It’s the reason why I have started a blog for me rather than multiple ones over my areas of responsibility as those are going to change over time.

Finally, I hope that you enjoy reading this. The first ‘real’ post comes after this one and is what gave me the impetus to finally get this blog rolling so thanks to Lawrie Phipps and the folks who attended the NGE Event for providing the trigger.