To Wiki or not to Wiki?

There’s always quite a lot of discussion as to what to do with wikis and never more so than at JISC, where we have projects using them and we quite often use them ourself.  My personal experience has been that they can be extremely useful but only if they are used properly.  One of the most frustrating aspects for me is when information is put into a wiki and it’s very difficult to either find it or read it and there are other issues such as finding what has changed since the last version, which is quite often poorly managed.  However, on the positive side, a wiki can be a great way of collaboratively authoring a document and what I’ve found useful is to use a mailing list or Skype conversation (hey, or even talking with people 😉 ) to frame up what needs to be on the wiki and then put it in there and have an editor who can bring the whole thing together at the end from comments that have been added below the text.   So, wikis can be very useful when they are blended with other means of getting discussions into a form that can be used for calls, project documentation and programme documentation.  It would be good to hear from others about what they feel works best.